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Jerk Pon Da Corner

Authentic Jamaican Cuisine


come touch mi nuh


Greetings Family,
We welcome you to come and try our cuisine which originates from the green grounds of Jamaica Land and have brought over our divine recipes for you to try, and make your pallet satisfied with our unique brand of dishes.
We have been in the catering industry for over 50years and continue to feed communities and family wherever we are situated.
We always look forward to cooking for each and every individual we come across as it’s our number 1 passion to serve a dish you will not easily forget.
Our family originate from Trelawny, Duanvale and we are a family who never forget where we come from so know we never forget a recipe


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Serving the most spectacular tasting soul food in the country.

Find us smoking Chicken, Lamb, Steak and fish on a corner near you! 

Our service is outstanding accompanied with excellent prices.



Jerk Chicken

Jerk Fish

Jerk Steak

Jerk Wings

Jerk Lamb

Beef Ribs

Curry goat

Potato coconut curry (vegan)



We have Jerked in the following locations!

Bricklane (Truman Brewery)

Urban Food Eats (Shoreditch)

Notting Hill Carnival (Our Foundation)

Oval Space (Bethnal Green)

Scala (Kings Cross)

Attending marketplaces food ready to be served 12pm onwards

Private Catering Bookings Non Applicable

Upcoming Events